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World Map Tattoos To Wanderlust

World Map Tattoos are for people who have immense love for traveling. People who are obsessed by new places and want to visit every place in the world. tattoos do have meaning behind it and can be motivation at times. Nothing can be a better idea then getting your dream tattooed.
World map tattoos can be done in different ways. A person who visits certain country could possibly get that part rendered on the map.
World map tattoos are totally depending upon what the wearer wants it to be. Designs varies according to the wearer.
Some people prefer it to keep it simple, like getting only the outline of the world map tattooed.
There are different world map tattoo designs where the specific parts of the map are coloured differently. Some are randomly shaded with random colours.
Map world tattoos are also shown as if they are on globe with longitude and latitude. Some get half map tattooed.
In ancient times warriors used to go with world maps to conquer places and with that they had compass to show them right direction. So there are designs that has combination of world map and compass tattoo.