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Watercolor Tattoos That Are Eye Candy

Watercolour tattoos are getting more attention and are getting more popular than the regular tattoos. Watercolour tattoos stand out due to their different style. These type of tattoos can be beauty statement for women.
Every tattoo after some years fade, be it shading tattoo or black bold tattoo. Watercolour tattoos also fade with time, we can say much faster than the black bold tattoos.
Watercolour tattoos are done in two ways one with black base and other one without the black base.
The one where black is not used as base means there is not black outline to the tattoo, this gives actual watercolour effect to the tattoo.
The other type of watercolour tattoo is where there is black is used as a base to  that tattoo. There are outlines done with black ink and also a little bit of black shade is used in between different colours.
There is no specific meaning of watercolour tattoos of their own. The meaning of tattoo depend on what the wearer is getting tattoo. Example if the wearer is getting a lion tattoo with watercolour effect then the meaning of tattoo is what the lion symbolizes.
Watercolour tattoos are mostly popular among women. There are many designs that are done in watercolour effect which literally goes toward feminism.