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Trishul Tattoos

The Trishula is the three-angled weapon and symbol of Lord Shiva and has a great significance in Hindu religion. It is supposed to be a weapon of Lord Shiva and other Godesses. Trishula Tattoos represents the three fundamental aspects of life. The three points represent the acts of creation, preservation and destruction.
Grey Ink Amazing Trishula Conch And Snake Tattoo On Lower Arm
Fabulous Trishula and pellet drum tattoos.
Mythological Customized Tattoo of Lord Shiva’s Trishul, Damru & Snake on arm. The three feminine (shakti) powers of will, action, and wisdom are also symbolized by the Trishula. Three more symbols of the design are desire, will, and love.
The three points of trishula tattoos are commonly said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance, and destruction; past, present, and future; birth, life and death; compassion, joy and love; spiritual, psychic and relative; clarity, knowledge and wisdom; soul, fire and earth; logic, passion and faith; prayer, manifestation and sublime;
One of most auspicious Om Trishula and Damaru Tattoos
Black and Grey small but elegant trishula tattoos for men's wrist.
Lord shiva weapon trishula tattoo with Mahamrutunjaya Mantra design on forearm. This is a most powerful rhyme in Hinduism. Chanting of this mantra saves us from all difficulties, problems of life. It is also considered as best mantra to remove fear of death.
Beautiful Lord Shiva Weapon Trishula with om symbol Tattoo
Cool 3D Tirshula Tattoos with Rudraksha tattoo.
Perfect Third Eye And Trishul Tattoo With Snake On neck and upper back.
In Hinduism, the trident symbol represents auspiciousness. It is said that by praying and giving pure thoughts to the mind with devotion. This trishula tattoos also has deep meaning of “Shivoham” was proclaimed by those souls that learned the truth in a flash of enlightenment after years of mind purification and selfless devotion. It means “I am Divine.”
This is very elegant trishula tattoo with three stripes of Shiva for men's wrist. The three horizontal stripes of ash on the forehead of Lord Shankar represent these three memories such as Memories of sacrificial fires, Memories of death which are full of agony and sorrow, and Memories of sacrifice.