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Traditional Way Of Making Tattoos

Tattooing process is very ancient. The tribal's used to tattoo themselves and some of the tribal designs are even today used by people .

Traditional Way Of Making Tattoos

  • Wood/ Bamboo/ Thorn
  • Rake and striking
  • Metal tube technique¬†

Wood/ Bamboo Technique

Wood/ bamboo/ thorn were used to prick skin. Then soot ( carbon like substance from animal body) was inserted in the pricked skin.
Wood/ bamboo were sharpened to kept the tip pointed always. Pointed tip made it less painful.
The pricked skin filled with soot were kept to get infected in order to get clearer embossed and dark tattoos

Rake and strike

An artist first dips rake in ink before inserting the rake into the skin, then the rake holds ink and works as a needle.
Before striking rake into the skin, artist ensures that the skin is stretched properly. The artist then uses rake which is attached to a horizontal solid wooden strike to insert rake into the skin. Rake is penetrated into the skin to get desired tattoo.

Metal Tube Technique

A hollow metal tube with a smaller and thinner metal rod inside is used in this technique.
The ink loaded rod has a sharp point, the rod is then inserted into the skin. An artist move the rod like a sewing machine to get the ink into the skin. These are three techniques are even used today.
Previously people used to ink themselves according to categories like work, class, tribes, religions.

Some Facts

Ancient Egypt and Indians used tattoos as methods of healing and methods of religious worship.
In India, in some of the northern parts, married women got their legs tattooed and the men tattooed their hands.