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The King Tattoo Designs

There is no need for you to be born as king to live a royal life. You need to be compassionate and desire to live a life a king has. Your life should be king size. A king is a person who is a protector, a leader and of a pack.
The value of king is high every where and the respect everyone has for him is different. So getting a king tattoo is like having those qualities that are present in the king.
Kings are mostly related with crowns, thrones and swords. These things symbolizes   dominance, command, authority, over others and leadership qualities. 
The king tattoos are done by the men and the fun fact is if the wearer wants to get a couple tattoo then the females gets a queen tattoo.
People who think of getting a life full of luxuries and high standard are the people who tend to get kin tattoos.
There are many different designs for king tattoos. Something that symbolizes the quality of the king like its crown or his sword can be good king tattoo design options.
A wearer could directly get a lettering tattoo which says King and a crown over it. Somehow it is not very appropriate to directly write King, people could take it as a statement of pride.