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Super Cool Car Tattoos

Car tattoos are mostly popular in boys and it somehow fits into masculine tattoos category. Ever since Cars and bikes are invented they have become first love for men. The love that they have for bikes and cars is hard to describe.
People who love cars and bikes tend to go for car tattoos and bike tattoos. Depending upon what they love about the car or something related to car.
There are people who love the company that manufactures the car. They do get the symbol of the company.
There are people who are crazy about vintage car. The wearer who gets the vintage car tattoo must have some connection with some or the other vintage car.
Car racing is one of the most popular sport in the world. Getting one race car tattoo is also a option when you are a fan of car racing. Wearer could get something related to their favorite rider.
There are possibilities of getting fictional car character by the wearer. There are many movies and TV shows that feature such rides. On could get their favourite fictional car tattooed.
There are people who are crazy about some specific car, like their dream cars. They get these car tattoos.