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Smiley Tattoos That will Make Your Day

The smiley tattoo came from the emoji that we use in conversation on social media.There are numbers of emojis that are used to show the emotion of happiness and many other other emotions.
If the wearer tends to get a happy smiley then it mean that the person in genral is a happy go person.
It is hard to express yourself while you are using social media without using emoticons, they make it easy to convey your exact mood or emotions. These smileys are a part of our day to day life. Making smiley tattoos popular among younger generation.
These smiley tattoos are getting popular in tattoo artist also. These tattoos are minimalist and have good meaning behind them, obviously what emoticon you choose the happy one or the sad one.
If you are confused what to get for your first tattoo then these smiley tattoos wont go wrong at all. These smiley tattoos give some sort of positiveness to be happy no matter what happens.
There are variety of smiley tattoos, you can choose any of the emoticon or the one that is your favorite. There are animal emoticons and no doubt they are super cute and they even look stylish and trending.