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Simple Red Ink Tattoo

Red colour represents passion, love, blood, anger, and fire. The red ink tattoos can symbolize every thing that the red colour represents. Although meaning of the tattoo would depend on what the wearer gets.
Though no colour could beat black ink tattoos. People are getting bolder with their tattoo choices. The red ink tattoos are coming into fashion.
Red ink tattoos fade a bit early than the black ink tattoos.People often say that the colour fading depends upon the company of which ink is used but that is not true, every tattoo fades after some years or the colour of the tattoo changes slightly.
In red ink tattoos the most popular tattoos are rose tattoos, dragon tattoos, mandala tattoos and even snake tattoos.
To add more life to the red ink tattoo, black base should be used. It not only gives charm to the tattoo but increases its life span of the tattoo.
Any colour tattoo than black takes time get settled in the skin. Depending upon the skin colour, the colour of the tattoos slightly changes, Red ink tattoos do not fade very easily like other coloured tattoos.