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Rebellious Assassin Tattoos

There are many TV shows, series, comics or books that people adore and love the characters that are been played in them. One such one such is the the Assassin creed. They have brougth iconic characters in the market.
The assassian tattoos are at the top of any gaming related tattoos. They look pretty amazing.
The assassin tattoo can be anything the character that you love or the symbol of assassin creed. Many people get inked with the assassin symbol with many customization's.
Mostly men are addicted to gaming more, they tend to get tattoos related to what they like about the game. When assassin creed came out, there was a huge buzz and people were going nuts about the game series.
The best place to get a character form the assassin, you can get a half sleeve tattoo it looks super cool. If you are thinking of getting something small then the assassin symbol can be a good idea.