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Realistic Tattoos Designs

Realistic tattoo or photo realism is a technique that results in artwork that looks like a photograph or a real life object. Realistic tattoos are inspired by the Realism Art Movement which was started in France.
As tattoo artists gets creative there is scope for new techniques in tattooing, new styles are seen coming up. One such creative idea in the tattoo industry is the emergence of the realistic tattoos.
Before getting a realistic tattoo you should be confident about your artist. You need an artist who is very well experienced and is expert in realistic tattoos. Realistic tattoos are tricky, correct amount of shading and detailing is to done.
Realistic tattoos take more time than the usual tattoos due to its very fine detailing.
People do get confused between 3D tattoos and realism tattoos, though both the styles are related to each other. In 3d the tattoo looks like it is in 3 dimensional where as realistic tattoos tend towards making it look real.
Realistic tattoos can be anything that the wearer wants. Portrait tattoos come under realistic tattoos. Though people even get what an artist is expert in.