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Pretty Seashell Tattoos

Seashell are of different shapes, size and colours. Let it be watercolor conch shells or minimalist scallops they look unique and very beautiful on skin. A seashell tattoo has mysterious form and various styles.
Shells are usually are feminine; a symbol of birth, good fortune, womb, fertility and resurrection.
Fine line Conch shell tattoo on upper arm.
Colorful Conch shell tattoo on foot, looks absolutely stunning.
Conch shells, cowrie shells have special meaning in Feng Shui. They represent a feeling of contentment and even a shell represent protection.
Intricate Conch shell tattoo with fine shading.
A seashell tattoo can also simply represent a love of summer and the beach or people with marine background.
Conch shell tattoo with fine shading.
Colored Scallop shell and star fish tattoo.
There are many beautiful ways to design these seashell tattoos.
Scallop shell beautifully designed with bead pattern, looks like a neck piece.