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Mom Dad Tattoo That you Cannot Ignore

Nothing in life is more important than Mom and Dad. Mom Dad Tattoos express unconditional love for our parents. Mom Dad tattoos are first choice for people to get inked for the first time as there is no regret for the same.
'AAI' means mother - This word under flute symbolize rhythm of life is our mother.
"Maa" is mother
It represents the invisible connection between a mother and a child. As touching as it is, this tattoo design is a great metaphor for the unbreakable and sacred bonds between a mother and her child.
We are carried, born and raised by our mothers – so no wonder people often perceive a mother and her children as one whole.
Mom and Dad are people who never leave our back no matter what.
Nothing in the whole world will help us show gratitude towards our parent, however, a Mom Dad Tattoos would be perfect to show some love for them.

Mom Dad Tattoos can be done with any symbols that shows love would be perfect.

Mom Dad Tattoos with infinity symbols define infinite love of parents for there kids. It looks amazing s shown in this tattoo.
Mom Dad Tattoos on back with fire of love that emerge in heart.