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Mind Blowing Ambigram Tattoos

Ambigram Tattoos can be categorized into lettering tattoo, one word tattoo or name tattoo. Ambigram tattoos are the one where you can get two names in one single tattoo. If you want to get two names that no one should understand then you should go for these ambigram tattoos.
Ambigram tattoos are the tattoos that you can combine two things one single tattoo. From one side the tattoo appears different and from the other side it looks different.
Here this ambigram tattoo says Saint from one side and sinner from other side.
To get a ambigram tattoo, you should have 2 words with same number of letters so that you can get a accurate ambigram. One could probably choose the same word to get an ambigram tattoo.
Ambigram tattoos can also be couple tattoos. One could get a their name plus their better half's name in the ambigram tattoo.