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Making Of Tattoos

First it is important to know what tattoo a person should get or basically what he wants. According to specific design, the designer will suggest where the person should get it done.
The designer then prepares a stencil of the tattoo design which is chosen.
Stencil is traced on the specific part of body where tattoo is to be done. The above stencil is of an eagle tattoo on back.
Before starting with the tattooing, one must check the needle carefully, the expiry date and whether it is not unpacked.
First needle is dipped into the ndelible pigments (ink), and then inserted into the skin
An artist then starts with the basic outline of the design.
Tattoos are of different kinds, so depending upon the designs different colours are used accordingly.
Different needle are used according to the size of the tattoo. There are liners for outline and shaders for shading.
Tattoos are permanent because needle is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin. This is how tattoos are made.