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Horse Tattoos

Horse is very calm and inspiring animal. History of human and war is incomplete without involvement of horses. Horses have been intricately interwoven into our daily lives. Horse Tattoos design on your body would represent your feelings of deep respect and fascination for these lovely creatures. Horses are the man’s faithful friends from centuries.

Just like other animal tattoos you can make a small horse tattoo on your wrist, ankle, shoulder or neck. You can place it anywhere you want. It is often made as a fully black image and sometimes the horse is only outlined with a black line. This small horse tattoo graphic is made with black lines only.

Horse tattoos became popular from the 18th Century Native American culture & Europeans. Native Americans became renown horse riders. Horses could be used in wars and hunting. Horse become popular because of there power and speed. Even today force is measured in horsepower to tribute this majestic animal.
This kind of horse tattoo gives a wonderful and impressive look. Such horse tattoo meaning is divinity, love, fertility, grace and rebirth. This kind of horse is named Pegasus according to the Greek mythology. It is considered to be the angel horse or God’s horse.
Small horse tattoo looks very different and elegant. The simple look of it gives it a wonderful look. Such horse tattoo symbolizes power, strength, bravery and wisdom. Such horse tattoo designs for women are getting trendier among the kids also. 
Horse head tattoos look very attractive on body. This horse tattoos will be mesmerizing with the flair of its nostrils, with the movement of the ears and the mouth. Horse head tattoo on your arm will be visible easily to others.
There are various meaning of horse tattoos. A horse has always been used to symbolize nobility. This is especially the case when a white horse is used. People who wear this kind of tattoo have a feeling that they are noble people or people of honor.
Horse tattoos can also be used to represent freedom. People inked with this tattoo to show that they have achieved their freedom. Slaves may also wear this tattoo to show that they need to be freed. Horses could be used in wars to win the battle and get freedom.
Horse is most favorite pet of human. This majestic and beautiful creature have helped man to expand territories. Horse tattoos are a wonderful tattoo ideas for all the horse lovers.
This is a creative contemporary horse tattoo design idea for wrist.
Another important meaning of horse tattoos is strength. A horse is considered of the animal with a lot of strength. This strength could be the physical or emotional strength that helps one to overcome the challenges of life. Horses are quite big & they can move a lot of things, as well as pull a lot of them. In modern era, horsepower symbolize its strength.

Beauty is another meaning of horse tattoos. A horse looks beautiful compared to other animals. They are very clean and thus people use them to represent beauty. In fact, several women wear a horse tattoo just because of its beauty. Horse tattoos also represent grace. This trait can be easily spotted if you see how horses walk and react. They are very royal.
Companionship is another characteristics of horses is also one more symbolism of horse tattoo.
Adding elements from nature with the horse head will make a beautiful horse tattoo design. Flowers and horse head will look very beautiful on your arm.
Horse Tattoos also symbolize Bravery, Intelligence, Fertility & Rebirth. Horses are very brave, which they have shown through thousands of battles in the past. They have proven their intelligence in numerous ways. Sometimes they have even saved lives with their sharpness. Horses are really fertile & shown their gentle but strong romantic soul to their mare.
This realistic horse tattoo with dog tattoo is amazing idea to express your love about your pets. These two are close friends and loyal companion of human since ancient time.
This is realistic image of a black horse galloping towards you as your tattoo. You can show some dust flying in the distance to make its speed more evident. This is one of perfect 3D horse tattoos design. Such tattoos signifies power, sincerity, speed, strength and bravery.
Despite a horse tattoo being used a symbolism of positive things; it is also used to symbolism death. This is done by using a black horse tattoo. The black color mainly represents death and when a horse is painted in black in a tattoo, it automatically carries the meaning of death.
A warrior is deeply connected with horse. Horses represents bravery of soldier and there strength. So horse tattoos with a portrait of a soldier are very popular among those who serve for their country. Those who love history also go with such tattoos.