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Best Elephant Tattoos

Getting Elephant Tattoos is popular among all the different parts of the world. Elephant tattoos have various meanings. Elephants are said to be the calmest being on the earth. They are adored by many people all over the world.
The main reason to get an elephant tattoo is that it symbolizes strength. In the era where roads were not developed people used elephants for transportation of goods. So to show love and affection towards them people used to get elephant tattoos.
Elephants were part of wars due to their huge size and strength. Enemies could not stand in front of them. So making them a symbol of strength and courage.
In Hinduism, elephants are represented as Lord Ganesh. Ganesha has face of an elephant and  body of human.
Lord Ganesha represents wisdom and determination.
There are many designs in elephant tattoos. It can be done in simple line, an elephant tattoo portrait. Many people choose a designs where there is mandala tattoo design inside outline of an elephant.