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Elegant Collarbone Tattoos With Their Meanings

One of the most popular spots for tattoos is the collar bone. Collarbone tattoos are preferred choice for those who want to convey a message through tattoo design. Several celebrities like Rihanna, Ruby Rose, Justin Bieber, Bella Thorne, Kelly Osbourne, Adam Levine, and Tom Hardy also have either collarbone tattoos or some tats around the collarbone area.
Collarbone is a bone that connects the sternum and the scapula, so collarbone tattoos are little painful but creative tattoos design preferred by women. some people opt for the minimalist tattoos in such a prominent spot like the clavicle. This minimal collarbone tattoo style is drawn by using very fine lines and dots in black ink only. 
In Christianity, the belief that a person can achieve salvation only through faith and reliance on God's grace. The phrase is adapted from a sentence in the epistles of Paul in the Bible. Those who strongly believe in God's grace can convey this message through such type of collarbone tattoo. 

'Ama et fac quod vis' tattoo

Getting inked with Latin quotes on collarbone are becoming popular collarbone tattoos design idea. Ama et fac quod vis means "Love and do whatever you wish."  In broad sense one can interpret this as if you have love in your heart, you can do no wrong. Or if you love what you are doing, then the sky is the limit.
Collarbone tattoos provide a lot of opportunity to express yourself. Most timeless quote tattoos tend to represent a form of inspiration for the individual. When you see in the mirror every time this collarbone tattoo will remind you cherish each moment. A minimalist beautiful flower adds a touch of elegance to your ink.
This incredible leaf design as collarbone tattoo delicate depiction of the wonders of nature. It aligns effortlessly on the collar bone, depicting just how graceful the natural curvature of our bodies can be.
Flowers collarbone tattoos are popular among women, but once you choose your own design, this typical template can always be a unique body art for you. Such delicate floral collarbone tattoos looks splendid.
Such creative collarbone tattoos have deep meanings from body art.
A minimalist idea meets elaborate artwork in this stunning display. Collarbone tattoos can really be enhanced by combining aspect of other popular ink locations. Such collarbone tattoos are increasingly popular and eternally elegant. There is no limit to how you work with them.
When you are looking to commemorate a moment, it makes a great sense to have it near your heart. Getting inked with such memorable date in roman numbers is a stunning idea for collarbone tattoos. Addition of red rose symbolizes this memorable moment of love anniversary.