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Cute Cat Tattoos

As one of the earliest domesticated animals in human history, cats have a long history of cultural symbolism. Cats are also known as the guardians of the underworld or other world. Different religions preach differently about cats. But this species has always left human beings in its awe of mysterious nature. Here are some Cat Tattoos that you can get.
Sarcastic banner with cartoon cat idea for Cat Tattoos express humorous nature of a person.
Cats will always be a subject of scary tales and myths. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny their presence in our day-to-day lives. Same goes for cat tattoos designs. Black cats are very popular as tattoos because of the mysterious stories surrounding them. A black cat tattoo looks stylish and feminine.
Black cats were also associated with black magic and witches in the dark ages. The black cat tattoo design symbolizes belief in independence from a male dominated society, feminism, and grace. There is also a strong element of erotic and sensual feelings in a black cat tattoo. The black cat is best suited to cover the mark or scar very stylishly.
It has always been said that cats have 9 lives, so they have always been a symbolic representation of spirituality & reincarnation. Cat tattoos tend to express these feelings. They are a symbol of independence & sensuality. For centuries, it has been a symbol of motherhood, fertility & immortality. These are few reasons behind the popularity of cat tattoos.
Whether you’re honoring a beloved pet or the archetype itself, a cat tattoo speaks of the rare kind of man you are.
Cats are also lovable pet. As everyone knows that People loves their pet so much. So they try to show their love with some permanent ink. Here we are talking about getting cat tattoos. Now Cat Tattoos are also getting popularity in modern tattoo art.
Cats are very intelligent in nature, they are very flexible. Cat represents as the guardian of the other world. Cats have been a favorite pet of royal families and Egyptian gods and goddesses. In Egypt Cat Tattoos meaning are consider as the Goddess of Moon. The cat also consider as guardian of homes. It is also a symbol of domestic goodness.