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Creative Head Tattoos

Head Tattoos are getting popular these days due to acceptance of tattoos in the society.
It is good to have places in option to get inked. Getting a head tattoo can be one option. But getting a head tattoo can be painful. It is one of the delicate place to get inked.
When you go for a head tattoo you need to know, that the tattoo needles will naturally hit bone at some point.
Getting a head or face tattooed, there is high chances of getting signal of pain to the brain by the 12 major nerves. The fact is that face and head are sensitive parts to get inked.
After getting a head tattoo, you need to take care by not shaving your head unless the tattoo is fully healed.
After the skin is completely healed that take about 2-3 weeks, then it is fine to shave.
These type of tattoos are getting very common due to free culture and due to social aspects. Main reason of these tattoo getting popular is the increase in celebrates getting their face and head inked.