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Creative Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoos Design Ideas

Gemini Tattoos are the ultimate embodiment of a mutable dual nature. Gemini is one of the three masculine air signs and is symbolized by twins. Gemini is the third zodiac sign which originates from the Gemini constellation. People born between May 21 and June 21 are under this zodiac sun sign
You can get the traditional Gemini zodiac symbol which looks like Roman numeral 2 (two). This symbol signifies duality and is also used to depict the twins. For a Gemini mother and father with the twin babies, this tattoo is perfect. Gemini twins can also share these matching tattoos.
The Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoos are also represented by a pair of twins. You can have pictures of twin human beings as well as animals to represent Gemini. Most popular tattoo patterns are twin guys, girls, angels, faces, babies, etc. You can even have twin animals like horses, fish, or snakes intertwined with each other. 
In Greek mythology, Gemini is represented by twin brother Castor and Pollux.  These twin brothers with Gemini Constellation is a creative Gemini Zodiac Sign Constellation Tattoos. These elegant tattoos in grey scale can be made on any part of the body.
Castor and Pollux in black ink as Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoos
Beautiful Chest Tattoos with Gemini Zodiac Sign and Gemini Constellation.
On the other hand, the Roman numeral 'II' is the Gemini glyph and hence, is used as a Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoos design. You can creatively modify and enhance this symbol to make an attractive tattoo. You can have birds, flowers, vines, wings or abstract art drawn around the numeral II.
Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless.  They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious.
There is so much childish innocence in the nature of Gemini, telling their tale of brotherhood, love between best friends and relatives who are entirely different by character, circumstances, physical appearance or upbringing. Cute twins with the glyph of Gemini is a very creative and elegant Gemini sign tattoo.
You can even go for the Celtic Gemini tattoos that are made using captivating colors and attractive knots. The glyph is usually made by men if they want to have a smaller and classy tattoo design. It is one of the coolest Gemini tattoo design for guys of all age groups.
Rose and orchid are two flowers that belong to this zodiac sign, and can be merged into Gemini symbol tattoo designs to make them look even more attractive. Similarly, lily is also considered as Gemini flowers and hence, can be used along with the above mentioned Gemini symbols.
Gemini's are social creatures and hence Gemini Sign Tattoos with wings is a clever idea for these tattoos. They are very curious people that love to ask questions. They are fantastic at parties and will always find something to talk about with anyone that they meet.
Gemini tattoos can mean a lot of things for example for women the Gemini zodiac symbol signifies fertility. Females can get this tattoo as a blessing or good luck for the future when they are willing to have children. Gemini is very closely associated with female strength so for women especially Gemini zodiac tattoos are very symbolic
Cute Gemini Symbol for small finger tattoos
A stylish glyph of Gemini with stars can be inked on any part of body. It is one of most popular Gemini Zodiac Sign tattoos