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9 Best Place To Get A Tattoo

Neck is the portion where tattoos look super stylish. The only thing to keep in mind while getting inked on neck is that you should avoid intricate designs.
Shoulder is another place where both men and women can get an amazing tattoo. There is ample of space for intricate designs as well as simple design also look pretty.
Girls like to get tattoo where they have chance of flauntingtheir beauty. Ankle is one place where tattoo looks elegant. Only problem with ankle tattoo is that the pain is not bearable at times.
Arms are inked by both men and women. Only it depends on the wearer how much amount of ink they want. Sleeve tattoos are very famous in this case.
Back Tattoos are more trending in men. Even an artist is happy to ink back. as they get to try their skills on big back tattoos.
Chest is another part of body where an artist gets to play with designs as there is proper space for big detailed tattoo. Women do get a small tattoo on chest, which at times does not gets exposed. These tattoos are at times are called as secret tattoos.
Forearm is best place to get ink. Tattoo pain is bearable here anyone is confused where to get their first tattoo, forearm is the answer. Enough space for any medium sized tattoo.
Upper arm are done when thereĀ  is long tattoo. A tattoo that starts from shoulder and flows towards the upper arm, such designs look super amazing. Tribal tattoos, Maori tattoos or Celtic tattoos look good on upper arm.