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Beautiful Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn means a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. Unicorn is one of the most mysterious mythological creatures. Since ancient times, it has been idealized in countless stories, songs, legends and myths. Unicorn tattoos have great symbolic meaning in many cultures.
According to western mythology Unicorn was first appeared in 398 BC. Unicorn tattoos relates with magic, medicine and healing. This animal is pure at heart, courageous, noble and strong which symbolize royalty. Royal Families use cups made from unicorn horn for drinking tea and jewelry. Some cultures relates this animal with spirituality and purity.
This is very cute Unicorn tattoo shows outline of this majestic creature with a symbolic lotus flower.
Tattoos of this mythical creature are thus an emblem of purity, chastity, free will, magical powers, and uniqueness. These magnificent unicorn tattoos are a representation of eternal grace, unquestionable finesse and unconquerable spirit, which you've got to wear up your sleeve!
Unicorn tattoo designs are generally drawn with purples, light blues and shades of white. Most fictional beasts arise from human fear, but unicorns are associated with chaste behavior, sweet maidens, and Virgin Mary. Tattoos of this creature is an emblem of purity. 
There is another meaning of unicorn tattoos - strength and courage . That is why the image of a winged horse is considered one of the strongest wards .
This is a simple small unicorn tattoo design outlined on upper part of back in black lending a sensual look to the lady.
They represent magic, rarity, purity, and heroism in the oldest unicorn stories. Celtic unicorn tattoos also mean endurance, fertility, and kindness. This tattoo can be depicted by girl wherein she wants to lay emphasis on celibacy while men depicts them this creature to showcase their strength, courage &their protective attitude which this animals posses.
The beauty of this amazing animal is that it can be associated with any form lends a sensational look to the design. Here the unicorn has been blended with galaxy trying to emphasize that the person has determined perception. 
As unicorn tattoos symbolizes fortune and true love, then by depicting this design can convey to the world that wearer is in love and good fortune is surely going come.
In Celtic mythology, the unicorn guards the feminine mysteries and embodies the virginal aspect of the Triune Goddess. In addition, he is said to have a connection to the mysterious and legendary island of Avalon, the apple tree and also the love fruit itself. Their fondness for virgin girls made them masculine in classic times.