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10+ Beautiful Poppy Flower Tattoo

Poppy Flower Tattoo are mostly symbolic of sleep, peace and death. Poppy flower are symbol of sleep because the opium that is extracted from this flower is sedative. Symbolism of death is because of its Blood red colour.
Greek and Roman used poppy flowers as offerings to the dead. The poppies are emblem on tombstones.
In many nations poppy tattoo symbolizes fertility,  happiness, an eternal holiday. In China the poppy tattoo is considered to be positive as well as negative, it symbolizes love between lovers and indolence in a relationship.
Poppy flower tattoos have patriotic feel. As they are offered to the soldiers who died battling wars.
Poppy flower tattoos are done by women more often. Best place to get a popy flower tattoo is back, neck or ankle. It just beautifies your look.