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Attractive Compass Tattoo Designs

Globe is the representation of earth and, compass is a symbol of directions. This tattoo is one of the best tattoo designs for travelers, especially sea farers and military personnel, as it gives them a sense of direction. A compass also looks cool and classy. So, it is no wonder that many people want to tattoo a compass on the themselves.
Compass tattoos can be used to show your life’s priorities such as work, family and religion.
Since the anchor is common symbol of Christian faith, the anchor compass tattoo design represents religious guidance.
When compasses were originally created, they weren’t actually used for spatial navigation. Compasses first showed up in China during the Han Dynasty, and it was only in the 11th century that they became popularly used as navigation tools. Due to its vital important to humans, the compass tattoo has a huge fan following among tattoo lovers around the world. 
Some other design elements which can be included with a compass design are objects like the sun and the moon, yin yang symbol or clocks. For those looking for feminine compass designs, you can add girlish objects like flowers, butterflies, feathers, anchors, dreamcatchers, & ribbons to the basic compass design.
This is nautical compass tattoo design which is very popular. The nautical compass tattoo design represents peace and harmony.
A nautical compass tattoo on upper back.
This compass tattoo in grey shade design adds much depth to the overall look of the tattoo.
Attractive Owl With Compass Tattoo On Left Half Sleeve is very unique. The owl in particular is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Native Americans worshiped the owl, for he was believed to hold secret, valuable knowledge of the universe. Compass tattoo with owl add direction of life towards the symbolic image of freedom.
Compasses have a strong history of symbolism in many cultures and as tattoo designs. Whether you want to honor your heritage or you’re seeking direction in your life, a compass tattoo design can stand as an excellent choice. A simple compass tattoo is a reminder of that inner, infinite tool every man possesses. 
This is a innovative map compass tattoo design. For those adventure seekers and explorers, the map compass tattoo design symbolizes a passion for travel and discovery.
The star compass tattoo design is based on the North Star, which sailors would use to orient themselves at sea. It represents those who are seeking guidance.If you are in a profession where you use your hands a lot, then show off your hand with a compass tattoo on it.
A compass and an anchor complement each other well because they are closely related with each other. Simple compass tattoos with anchor represented a beacon of hope, a symbol that would guide these men out of the treacherous waters safely. This is very popular category of tattoo among sailors.
This map compass tattoo design is symbolic to mean a lot of things such as you want to travel the entire world. This is one of traditional tattoos depict a retro looking compass encased inside a metal circle over a map. Such map compass tattoos design symbolizes a passion for travel and discovery.
Compass tattoos also symbolizes a steady focus on the future and a reminder to stay on the right path.