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Amazingly Done Tiger Tattoos

Two of the most common meaningsassociated with the tiger tattoo are power and strength. In nature, the tiger is the top predator in its environment. Therefore, atattoo can represent a free spirit or independence.
Symbolically, tiger tattoos represent ferocity, strength, power and force, which are actually the physical attributes of this powerful animal. Sometimes, they are also interpreted as symbols of vengeance and cunning, while some relate them with passion and sensuality.
The Bengal and Siberian tigers are absolutely beautiful animals. The Bengal tiger tattos are orange with black stripes, while the Siberian tiger tattos are white with black stripes.
As you have already read, the tiger is an endangered animal. Due to this fact, the tiger tattoo has become very important for those who care about the tiger species and conservation. These people wear the tiger tattoo with pride as a reminder of their work.
The tiger has played a very important role in Asian cultures, such as India, China, Thailan and Japan. In Chinese cultures, the tiger ranks right up there with the dragon. You may also see tiger tattoos that actually have a dragon.
Japanese Samurai had tiger tattoos on their crests.Whereas Indian culture given spiritual importance ro this majestic animal. Tiger tattoos in India is considered as auspicious and symbol of power and strength.