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A Single Word Tattoo That You Need to Get

One word  or Single Word Tattoos are one of the greatest tattoo designs
Sometimes all it takes is Single Word to get your message across like Love for family
Collage of inspirational words motivates you as per psychology
Many things can encourage faith in yourself and word like 'Faith' are few of them. These Faith  Word Tattoos will have you feeling uplifted.
Single Word Tattoos can be used to show appreciation for yourself
Sometime Single Word Tattoos can be used to show our own passion
These can be use to show our respect for religion, for God
Sometime Single Words show respect to parents. Word 'Aai' (mother) with flute shows mother always add rhythm to life
Sometime our own name is inked with use of calligraphy. Its a fashion since ancient time.
Single Words Tattoos are used to express our mind situation
For consistent motivation to our self and others, Single Word Tattoos play an important role
Our name's own initials