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8+ Gun Tattoo Designs

There are various types of guns, so you have plenty of gun tattoo designs as per your choice. Gun tattoos are totally cool tattoo option, which possess a fighter spirit. One of the most popular are pistol gun tattoo.
Revolver Tattoo on inner side of upper arm.
Very clean shaded Pistol Tattoo.
A gun tattoo represents power, defense and protection. If you are a gun enthusiast or love action, danger nothing better than a gun tattoo.
Two revolver tattoo combined together as cross, looks pretty dangerous and cool.
As tattoos are symbol of toughness and danger, not just men even girls tend to get gun tattoos to show that they can be tough too.
Gun and roses are one of the most popular tattoo design.
Colored gun and rose tattoo
A beautiful designed gun tattoo with intricate floral design
Geometric gun tattoo with slight black shading.