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15+ Innovative Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos Design

Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos are heavily inundated with meaning most of which stem from its Zodiac meaning. There is no denying that the Taurus shows incredible power as a symbol, but the Zodiac symbol is representative of a person’s characteristics.
Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos designs using its glyph
Taurus designs for men and women can be drawn using its glyph, which is a circle with two horns on top that imitate the horns of a bull. A cartoon bull, snorting out air, can also be used to make a tattoos for both, women and men.
Also, only the face f the bull looking forward with its horn jutting from the top of its head makes a great Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos. A bull can also be depicted with a ring in his nose. The shape of the ring should be in the shape of the Taurus zodiac symbol. Girly designs can be the ones having stars in them.
Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born between April 20 and May 20 come under this sign. The typical Taurus personality loves the rewards of the game. Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess.
It’s the Bull that serves as the Taurus’s symbol, and Bulls are actually among the most practical and reliable zodiac signs. Patience, relibility, warmth, persistence, determination etc., are the strengths of this sun sign. Jealousy, possessiveness, resentfulness, inflexible nature, self-indulgence, and greed are drawback of this sun sign.
The star can be superimposed to make a glyph of Taurus. These type of Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos are very attractive and elegant. Specially this is a innovative tattoos for girls.
Taurus is also referred as the bull. One of the popular Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos is a passively reclining bull. It can also be depicted as a somewhat aggressive creature, either charging, snorting, or ragging. Bull grows weary of socializing, craves for solitude, and sits on a hill, alone, peaceful and restful.
Feminine Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos designs can be in the shades of red or purple. Flowers can also be used with the Taurus designs to lend a more feminine touch to the tattoos
Such type of Black Tribal Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos which is a clever combination of bull and a glyph of Taurus.
This is another attractive tribal Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos. Tibial bull tattoo designs symbolize domestication of a wild animal to serve mankind as well as victory of intellect over brute force /strength. . In some culture, warrior is referred to as a bull. At the same time, a bull can be seen to represent tyranny, death, brutality, and also lust.
Another type of Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoos is getting inked with Taurus Constellation
Celtic knots Taurus zodiac symbol bull tattoos looks good for men.
An angry or raging bull digging the ground is the most common design. Peaceful and calm bull, the bull running towards something, charging bull, etc. are the other bull tattoo designs. On the other hand, most people rather hand only the head of the bull inscribed on their bodies rather than the entire body. 
Astrologically, Taurus is a negative feminine sign, however, the personification of the bull is intensely masculine. The bull is said to be a solar, as well as a lunar creature. It is looked upon as the Sun God who stands for both heaven and fire. However if it is looked upon Moon God, it represents the earth, water, night as well as death.